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Experience authentic Kogi truck flavors with our Variety Pack

Experience the flavors of the world-famous Kogi truck with Chef Roy Choi’s signature variety pack. These fearless, inventive sauces form the flavor backbone of everything served from the Kogi food trucks today.

Celebrate the launch of Kogi sauces with a 4-bottle variety pack.

Korean BBQ: This one is pure Roy – original and straight from the heart. Made with rice wine, sesame, apple and pear, it's great for marinating chicken, pork, beef and veggies.

Sweet & Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade and Sauce: There's nothing else like this sticky, spicy sauce. It's the perfect combination of everything the mouth wants; hot pepper notes from authentic Korean gochujang are balanced with a nice blend of fruit, citrus and garlic.

Sweet Garlic Teriyaki: Simple, yet elegant.  Sweet Garlic Teriyaki is the perfect blend of sweet, salty and savory. There's nothing this super-versatile sauce can't do, from finishing vegetables to cooking calamari.

Boom Boom: This one brings the flavor – and the heat – to whatever you’re eating.  It’s a smooth blend of chili peppers, Dijon mustard and garlic with a touch of smoky paprika to round it all out.

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